Anthea Wong is a UK and Hong Kong freelance contemporary curator and graduated with a Master’s degree in Contemporary Curation in 2017 from Winchester School of Art, UK.  She has curated various exhibitions across the UK and has previously worked at Tate Modern, the Royal Academy of Arts, and 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong. 

Anthea's practice is largely focused on the subject of nostalgia and meaning. She uses various forms of media to create tangible texture, layers, and context to display her connection to the past. She incorporates mixed media, lines, forms, and bright colours to convey each memory's experience and emotional impact. She uses her practice to investigate and document her life through expression. Anthea uses lines to depict reality whilst using other mediums to portray illusions and morphed perceptions of imagination and reality. 

Anthea's work depicts naiveness and awakening the reality of changes in everyday life. With changes comes fear and confusion. Her ideas usually come to fruition through the inspiration of her connections of daily life, normality, and comfort. 

Anthea’s curatorial practice is an investigation of aesthetics, object and senses. Symbolism and connection to a thing or person are what inspire her methodologies. Her main focus is to create spaces, physical or not, that can cause a reaction in the subtlest way. Whether that be through our senses or through object representation within a space. Anthea wants to be able to challenge the notion of how we perceive a matter within a space. Does our influence, education, or mind react to something in the way we should? Or in a way that’s unfathomable. Anthea’s curatorial practice investigates space and interaction through materiality and immateriality.

For any projects or commission, please contact Anthea. Thank you!