4th - 12th August 2023


Being “true” can be depicted as reality, the opposite of false and authentic. It is the definition of what is genuine. Life can play tricks, and truth can sometimes be lost or misinterpreted. This exhibition will focus on creatives exploring what is “true self” and “true form”. Certain obstacles and uncertainties can jeopardise our perception and identity, however, understanding our truth and identity initiates our path.

This exhibition invites artists from the U.K to celebrate their practice by investigating the subject matter of “true”. Each artist represents their “true” form and self through different applications and mediums to portray how they perceive to be “true”. The true self can be seen as psychological essentialism; humans have an essence that is important to their own identity. However, is fitting into a category to feel comfortable with their truth the only way to be one’s true self?

This exhibition is not about answering the questions but to identify one’s true form is a way to progress in one’s journey through life. Being your true self is non-conceptual; it already existed before anything else. Being able to discover the existence of your truth will allow you to be your true self.

True is seen as something right, correct, and real. However, there’s no clear way how one can see what is true to them but the underlying acceptance within and self-discovery. This exhibition welcomes these artists to share their interpretations of what is “true” through personal and third-person perspectives with tools that are artificial and natural.