White Into Green, 2017

White Into Green, 2017

"This exhibition is about blurring the boundaries between the inside and the outside through connecting a series of artworks inspired by nature. This exhibition fuses together digital-based and sculptural pieces with the objective of opening a new door to merge both worlds. The decision of have the artworks separated was from the realisation of how various tools can depict a process within a certain space. The purpose is to develop a physical transition between the inside/ outside, natural/ artificial, realist/ abstract, digital/ physical instead of imposing one over the other."

10th - 13th May 2017 11am - 3pm

The Winchester Gallery, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 8DL

Curated by Abigail Day, Erin Liu, Doreen A. Rios, Anthea Wong and Constance Yang


Jonathan Zawada (Australia)

Sasha Katz (Russia)

Raul Moya Do (Mexico)

Salvador Loza (Mexico)

Rosie Blay (UK)