2020: Arts and Crafts Bringing Us Together, South Hill Park, Bracknell, March 2020 – March 2021

2019: InsideJob Collective 2019, Tate Modern, London, 28th August - 3rd September 2019

2013: The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers "Picturing Time" 2013 at Sotheby’s, London, 29th July - 2nd August 2013

2013: D&AD New Blood, Old Spitalfield Market, London, 3rd July - 4th July 2013

2013: New Natives, The Gallery, London, 27th June - 30th June 2013

2013: WSA Degree Show 2013, Winchester School of Art, Winchester, 27th June - 30th June 2013

2012: Bits & Pieces Exhibition, The Brookes Shopping Centre, Winchester, 3rd September - 7th September 2012

2012: Reading Arts Week Exhibition 2012, Penta Hotel, Reading, 22nd June - 29th June 2012

2012: Genius Loci 2012, Winchester School of Art, Winchester, 9th February - 15th February 2012



Being “true” can be depicted as reality, the opposite of false and authentic. It is the definition of what is genuine. Life can play tricks, and truth can sometimes be lost or misinterpreted. This exhibition will focus on creatives exploring what is “true self” and “true form”. Certain obstacles and uncertainties can jeopardise our perception and identity, however, understanding our truth and identity initiates our path.

This exhibition invites artists from the U.K to celebrate their practice by investigating the subject matter of “true”. Each artist represents their “true” form and self through different applications and mediums to portray how they perceive to be “true”. The true self can be seen as psychological essentialism; humans have an essence that is important to their own identity. However, is fitting into a category to feel comfortable with their truth the only way to be one’s true self?

This exhibition is not about answering the questions but to identify one’s true form is a way to progress in one’s journey through life. Being your true self is non-conceptual; it already existed before anything else. Being able to discover the existence of your truth will allow you to be your true self.

True is seen as something right, correct, and real. However, there’s no clear way how one can see what is true to them but the underlying acceptance within and self-discovery. This exhibition welcomes these artists to share their interpretations of what is “true” through personal and third-person perspectives with tools that are artificial and natural.





4th August - 12th August 2023

Blank Space, 1205 Sea View Estate, Block A, 2 Watson Road, Hong Kong

Curated by Anthea Wong

"Madhat Girls Presents: "The Art of Working Women", 2020

Join us to celebrate Women's Day to support women through creativity, collaboration and community. Showcasing leading creatives ranging from film, illustration, photography, AR, graphic design, fine art and interviews. We want to bridge the gap between new and old communities in Woolwich by bringing together art, business and community all in one space.

We want to promote and normalise the vision of different types of women you can actually relate to; to encourage more females to pursue careers outside of gender-roles, stereotypes and eradicate the fears of the unknown. Help us celebrate the unique women who have worked hard to defy social norms by creating a collaborative Exhibition of Art & Business to show the world the talents that every single one of you possesses."

13th-20th March 2020

artFix, Woolwich, London, SE18 6HZ

Curated by Anthea Wong and Becky Liu

Various Artist Exhibitions at The Lemongrove Gallery, 2017- 2018

Danielle O'Connor Akiyama, 2018

Fabian Perez, 2017

Kerry Darlington, 2017

Curated by the team at The Lemongrove Gallery

Sense and Sensibility, 2017

"‘Sense’ – We want to try and interpret some of the 5 senses such as; sight and sound. As well as this we want to interpret the physical sense/feeling within the exhibition.

‘Sensibility’ - Internal/ external sensibility– physical and emotional (senses). We want to allow the audience to access their personal/nostalgic connotations and feelings toward they are seeing/hearing/feeling within the space.

From this it is clear to say our exhibition is going to be audience activated and dependent on their individual aesthetic sensibility and this will result in how they experience the exhibition and what they take away from it. Interested in creating an environment; space influences the audience’s feelings (sensibility), not just the individual pieces. The exhibition would act as a platform for the audience. The purpose is to choose strategically; pieces that reflect certain emotion but not necessarily everyone will have the same sensibility towards them. Including the notion of not specifically using the idea of white cube space but using the whole area as an installation (containing multiple pieces), including the architectural structure."

30th August 2017 - 5th September 2017

Painting Studio, Westside, Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, Park Avenue, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 8DL

Curated by Unie Chen, Hanna Huang, Rachel Whittington and Anthea Wong

White into Green, 2017

"This exhibition is about the boundaries between the inside and outside through connecting a series of artworks inspired by nature. This exhibition fuses together digital-based and sculptural pieces with the objective of opening a new door to merge both worlds. The decision of having the artworks separated was from the realisation of how various tools can depict a process within a certain space. The purpose is to develop a physical transition between the inside /outside, natural/artificial, realist/abstract, digital/physical instead of imposing one over the other,"

10th - 13th May 2017 11am - 3pm

The Winchester Gallery, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 8DL

Curated by Abigail Day, Erin Liu, Doreen A. Rios, Anthea Wong and Constance Yang

Altered Books, 2016

"Altering books marries two creative and expressive practices: literature and art. Some pieces shown are an interpretation of the content of the book chosen, while some purely utilize the material. In the process of physical alteration, the meaning of the book can be altered too."

December 2016 - February 2017 at The Winchester Gallery and WSA Library

Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, Park Avenue, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 8DL

Curated by students from MA Contemporary Curation, Winchester School of Art

A Single Line of Poetry - Winchester Poetry Festival, 2016

"12 Art Proposals by teams Winchester School of Art Fine Art students, based on single lines of poetry by authors from the Winchester Poetry Festival."

7th - 13th October 2016

The Winchester Gallery, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 8DL

Curated by students from MA Contemporary Curation, Winchester School of Art.

Bits and Pieces 2012

"A student led exhibition, featuring a vast array of work, which encourages you to consider the ways we view and interact with art."

3rd – 8th September 2012

The Brooks Centre (lower floor), Winchester, Hampshire

Curated by all participating artists