Aesthetic (Im)materiality, 2017

Aesthetic (Im)materiality, 2017

"‘Sense’ – We want to try and interpret some of the 5 senses such as; sight and sound. As well as this we want to interpret the physical sense/feeling within the exhibition.

‘Sensibility’ - Internal/ external sensibility– physical and emotional (senses). We want to allow the audience to access their personal/nostalgic connotations and feelings toward they are seeing/hearing/feeling within the space.

From this it is clear to say our exhibition is going to be audience activated and dependent on their individual aesthetic sensibility and this will result in how they experience the exhibition and what they take away from it. Interested in creating an environment; space influences the audience’s feelings (sensibility), not just the individual pieces. The exhibition would act as a platform for the audience. The purpose is to choose strategically; pieces that reflect certain emotion but not necessarily everyone will have the same sensibility towards them. Including the notion of not specifically using the idea of white cube space but using the whole area as an installation (containing multiple pieces), including the architectural structure."

30th August 2017 - 5th September 2017

Painting Studio, Westside, Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, Park Avenue, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 8DL

Curated by Unie Chen, Hanna Huang, Rachel Whittington and Anthea Wong


India Coles (UK)

Marion Stewart (UK)

Laura Louise Perkins (UK)